Bullet Journal July Setup

At some point I am planning on writing up a bullet journal overview sort of entry, maybe when I fill up my softcover notebook and start my  first hardcover one and I’m doing a bunch of my general/non-time-specific spreads over again anyway. However, since it is (a) the beginning of July and (b) today’s prompt […]

Blog redesign + restart

Okay, so I’ve been ignoring this blog for approximately two years. It’s not that I wanted to necessarily, so much as I just… found that grad school is a lot, and anxiety/depression is a lot, and I only have so many spoons. I mean, I also tried to start a vlog, made one single video, […]

Right, I have a blog!

Once again I appear to have accidentally abandoned this poor blog for an extended period of time. I suppose I just felt like there wasn’t much happening for me to chronicle, although I do keep saying I want to write reviews or recaps of TV shows and movies and stuff. And if you’re following me […]

Fandom History, Epic Wankers Edition: Victoria Bitter/Jordan Wood/Andy Blake

So, one of my soon-to-be fellow graduate students at A&M asked me to give her a rundown on Andy Blake and I was like GIRL, GO MAKE SOME POPCORN AND GET FIXINGS FOR S’MORES AND THEN COME SIT BY THE CAMPFIRE AND I WILL TELL YOU A TALE THAT WILL CHILL YOUR BONES. And then […]

I guess it’s time for my monthly update…

Well, I see that it’s almost the end of March, which means it’s been about a month since I last updated. Again. *SIGH* Let’s see… since my last update I have officially accepted the offer from Texas A&M, as well as been awarded a fellowship that increased the stipend I was already going to receive […]

Howdy + Musings

And again with the lack of updates. I swear, I am going to get better about that. I MEAN IT. I WILL. I am currently sitting in the dark in a hotel in College Station. I’m in town for the recruitment weekend for new graduate students, which I’m really excited about. We get to meet […]

Further Updates

What was that I said about trying to post recaps and reviews about all my TV shows? And actually updating this blog more often? You know, I really did mean it! And then it just… didn’t happen. So here’s what did happen since then. First, I did get a job – I’m currently working for […]


I’d love to tell you that a lot has happened since the last time I updated, but sadly I’d have to be talking about my summer TV shows for that to be true. (I mean, it was an eventful twelve weeks in Beacon Hills, and things have been twisty and complicated at Pearson Darby (Specter), […]

The Conundrum of Princess Elizabeth’s Spy

Some time ago, I read a book called Mr Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal. I thoroughly enjoyed it, which really isn’t surprising – it had Churchill, World War II, ladies being awesome, Bletchley Park, spies… and it was well-written, with a good plot and engaging characters. I looked forward to reading the sequel, Princess […]

My Fall 2013 TV Schedule: Cable Networks + Wrap Up

And now, for my final 2013 fall TV schedule post, cable network shows and a wrap up/summary of ALL THE SHOWS (and there are a lot). Now, it used to be that the cable network shows I watch (I tend to stick mainly with USA Network and SyFy these days) mainly confined themselves to summer […]