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Blog redesign + restart

Okay, so I’ve been ignoring this blog for approximately two years. It’s not that I wanted to necessarily, so much as I just… found that grad school is a lot, and anxiety/depression is a lot, and I only have so many spoons. I mean, I also tried to start a vlog, made one single video, […]

Fandom and Misogyny

Before I get into the main subject of this post, some housekeeping/updates: I’ve got an official Facebook page for now, because I’d rather keep my personal fb profile private but it seemed prudent to maintain a public one as well. You can visit (and ~like~!) the page here! Also, I’ve recently updated the social […]

Is this thing on?

First blog entries are always so awkward, don’t you think? I’ve started a fair few blogs in the last decade, and the first post is always the weirdest one to try to write. Exposition is hard! Ah, well, let’s get the awkward greeting out of the way, I suppose. My name is Victoria, and I’m […]