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Fandom History, Epic Wankers Edition: Victoria Bitter/Jordan Wood/Andy Blake

So, one of my soon-to-be fellow graduate students at A&M asked me to give her a rundown on Andy Blake and I was like GIRL, GO MAKE SOME POPCORN AND GET FIXINGS FOR S’MORES AND THEN COME SIT BY THE CAMPFIRE AND I WILL TELL YOU A TALE THAT WILL CHILL YOUR BONES. And then […]

The “Moonlighting Curse” Curse (and the surprisingly easy way to avoid it) [repost]

[this is a repost of an article I wrote during my internship with] On March 3, 1985, a show called Moonlighting premiered on ABC. It starred Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as Dave and Maddie, private detectives who ran a detective agency called Blue Moon Investigations. The show was a trailblazer – it represents […]