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Fandom History, Epic Wankers Edition: Victoria Bitter/Jordan Wood/Andy Blake

So, one of my soon-to-be fellow graduate students at A&M asked me to give her a rundown on Andy Blake and I was like GIRL, GO MAKE SOME POPCORN AND GET FIXINGS FOR S’MORES AND THEN COME SIT BY THE CAMPFIRE AND I WILL TELL YOU A TALE THAT WILL CHILL YOUR BONES. And then […]

I guess it’s time for my monthly update…

Well, I see that it’s almost the end of March, which means it’s been about a month since I last updated. Again. *SIGH* Let’s see… since my last update I have officially accepted the offer from Texas A&M, as well as been awarded a fellowship that increased the stipend I was already going to receive […]

Fandom and Misogyny

Before I get into the main subject of this post, some housekeeping/updates: I’ve got an official Facebook page for now, because I’d rather keep my personal fb profile private but it seemed prudent to maintain a public one as well. You can visit (and ~like~!) the page here! Also, I’ve recently updated the social […]

Kickstarter, Fandom, and Resurrecting the Ghosts of Cult TV Past

My Twitter feed and Tumblr dash exploded today upon the unveiling of a Kickstarter project to fund a Veronica Mars movie. Rumors of a cinematic continuation of the long-cancelled TV show have persisted since even before the show actually bit the bullet. The money, it seemed, never quite materialised, but apparently Rob Thomas never gave […]