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Doctor Who’s “Special” Problem

I started watching Doctor Who on June 6, 2007. I know this because I was a regular LiveJournaler in those days, and I mentioned it in my entry for that day. I didn’t have much to say about it – I’d only watched the first episode of the revived series, and I’d had a long […]

Kickstarter, Fandom, and Resurrecting the Ghosts of Cult TV Past

My Twitter feed and Tumblr dash exploded today upon the unveiling of a Kickstarter project to fund a Veronica Mars movie. Rumors of a cinematic continuation of the long-cancelled TV show have persisted since even before the show actually bit the bullet. The money, it seemed, never quite materialised, but apparently Rob Thomas never gave […]

And so it goes…

Well, a little over a week has passed since I found out I didn’t get into graduate school. Everyone’s incredulous reactions when I tell them have been something of a comfort, and life goes on. I gave myself a few days to just not think about things, and I’ve now started doing some preliminary research […]