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The Conundrum of Princess Elizabeth’s Spy

Some time ago, I read a book called Mr Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal. I thoroughly enjoyed it, which really isn’t surprising – it had Churchill, World War II, ladies being awesome, Bletchley Park, spies… and it was well-written, with a good plot and engaging characters. I looked forward to reading the sequel, Princess […]

My Fall 2013 TV Schedule: Cable Networks + Wrap Up

And now, for my final 2013 fall TV schedule post, cable network shows and a wrap up/summary of ALL THE SHOWS (and there are a lot). Now, it used to be that the cable network shows I watch (I tend to stick mainly with USA Network and SyFy these days) mainly confined themselves to summer […]

My Fall 2013 TV Schedule: The CW

This is my penultimate 2013 TV schedule-building post, and it’s about the shows I will be watching on The CW this year. One of these days I’m going to have to stop underestimating The CW, I think. Although they do keep making shows that meet my low expectations judging from the promos I see whilst […]

My Fall 2013 TV Schedule: FOX

Next up as I build my fall TV schedule, FOX shows. I officially gave up on Glee with very little fanfare and absolutely no regret after only a few episodes at the beginning of the 2012 season, so although it is for some unknown reason still going, I will not be going with it. Fringe […]

My Fall 2013 TV Schedule: NBC

Continuing my series of posts on the construction of my 2013 fall TV schedule, here’s my rundown of the NBC shows on my roster for the upcoming season. I was actually surprised by the number of new shows I’m planning on checking out on NBC, although most of them are midseason replacements rather than fall […]

My Fall 2013 TV Schedule: CBS

Next up in my series of posts on the construction of my 2013 fall TV schedule, CBS! I was somewhat disappointed to discover that CBS had decided not to pick up NCIS: Red after the backdoor pilot episodes that were a part of NCIS: LA this year, but upon hearing that their explanation basically amounted […]

My Fall 2013 Schedule: ABC

I’m not ready to talk about the Doctor Who finale yet (I’m still filled with far too much rage), or to write a coherent review of Star Trek: Into Darkness (still filled with far too many feels), so I thought I’d work through my yearly television schedule-building process. This is a complicated procedure I go […]

Fandom and Misogyny

Before I get into the main subject of this post, some housekeeping/updates: I’ve got an official Facebook page for now, because I’d rather keep my personal fb profile private but it seemed prudent to maintain a public one as well. You can visit (and ~like~!) the page here! Also, I’ve recently updated the social […]