I’d love to tell you that a lot has happened since the last time I updated, but sadly I’d have to be talking about my summer TV shows for that to be true.

(I mean, it was an eventful twelve weeks in Beacon Hills, and things have been twisty and complicated at Pearson Darby (Specter), and lord knows Annie Walker’s life is exciting.)

Actually, I did go visit my parents in Europe in July, so that was pretty exciting. My dad and I even went to Italy and spent four days in Rome and four days in Florence, which was fantastic. One of these days I’m going to get around to putting all my best pictures on my Deviant Art profile, and maybe putting the rest up on Flickr or something. In the meantime, there are a number of great shots up on my Instagram if you go back into the July pictures.

Other than that, however, I’ve basically spent my summer papering San Antonio with my resume (metaphorically, at least). I’ve had a couple almost-there instances where I had interviews that I thought went really well, but then pfft. I’d hear nothing for a week or two longer than they initially said they’d take to get back to me and then I’d get a half-hearted explanation that they’d decided to go with someone whose qualifications were apparently better.

I am also doing some freelance social media consulting and a little graphic design work for my hairdresser, plus some research/technical work for a theatre production that the Extended Run Players are doing. Their play is basically a bunch of WWII veterans sharing memories of their service, and they want to have a slideshow of relevant pictures behind them during the show. So I’m doing the research to find the pictures and then putting together the slideshow. Neither job is getting me that much money but at least it’s a little bit of something occasionally, and both are things that I can mention in cover letters or in interviews.

Meanwhile, I’m also researching graduate programs at schools other than the University of Wisconsin, because despite not getting in there this year, I still want to try again to get in either there or somewhere for next year. So I’m taking the GRE again at the end of this month (since my scores will have expired by the time this year’s application deadlines roll around), and I’m definitely reapplying at UW-Madison. I think I may apply at Texas A&M (where my sister is currently a grad student in the Animal Science department), and I’m visiting there next week to check out the comm arts department – meet with profs/students and sit in on classes etc – to decide for sure. I might also apply to Georgetown, UTSA, a couple programs in the UK, and maybe a few other US schools I haven’t decided about yet. WE SHALL SEE.

Anyway, I’m alive. With fall TV starting in the next few weeks, I’m definitely going to make an effort to regularly post recaps/reviews of at least some of the shows I watch. And of course I will keep a record of my ongoing efforts to become gainfully employed and/or get into graduate school.

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