Further Updates

Further Updates

What was that I said about trying to post recaps and reviews about all my TV shows? And actually updating this blog more often? You know, I really did mean it! And then it just… didn’t happen.

So here’s what did happen since then.

First, I did get a job – I’m currently working for Catholic Television San Antonio, where my official job title is “video production technician.” I work part-time, and generally I run cameras for some of our shows, take care of dub requests and transfers of older material from old formats like VHS/betamax to DVD, and occasionally help edit a show.

I also ended up applying to graduate programs at three schools – UW-Madison, the University of Pennsylvania, and Texas A&M. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I was able to visit TAMU in September to check out the program and meet some of the professors. I ended up sitting in on three classes, as well as sitting down and having a chat with the graduate program coordinator. Apparently, I made a good impression on them, because I can happily say that, although January isn’t even over yet, just this past week the program coordinator contacted me to let me know…

I’VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE GRADUATE PROGRAM AT TEXAS A&M! Not only that, but they’ve accepted me as a direct to PhD student, which is notable because although TAMU has both a master’s and a PhD program, they do not normally do direct admits. In fact, in the fifteen years that they’ve had a PhD program, they’ve only done it for four other people. In addition to being flattering, this also brings along with it certain financial benefits which being admitted as a master’s candidate wouldn’t, so that’s great as well. Now, I haven’t heard back from UW or Penn yet, but at this point I’m reasonably certain that regardless of the outcomes of those applications, I’ll be accepting TAMU’s offer. They’re not just letting me in, after all, they’re making it really clear that they actually want me in their program, and they’re willing to go out of their way to make it clear. So barring further huge surprises from the other schools (I should hear from Penn next month, and who knows with UW… last year when they rejected me, I had to contact them to find out), it’s looking like I will officially be a doctoral candidate in the fall!

(Which is so outrageously fantastic that several days later I’m still liable to randomly mutter to myself “I’m going to grad school” in a slightly incredulous voice. Hello, dreams coming true, you feel sort of surreal!)

Now that I have gotten into grad school, I feel even more like I want to be better about keeping this updated and doing actual reviews and recaps and stuff, so… we’ll see how that goes. MUST MAKE AN EFFORT, MUST MAKE AN EFFORT.

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