Right, I have a blog!

Right, I have a blog!

Once again I appear to have accidentally abandoned this poor blog for an extended period of time. I suppose I just felt like there wasn’t much happening for me to chronicle, although I do keep saying I want to write reviews or recaps of TV shows and movies and stuff. And if you’re following me on my personal tumblr, then you are well aware that I have approximately TEN ZILLION FEELINGS about Captain America: the Winter Soldier, for example. Although in that particular case, that might be the problem. I’m not sure how coherent a review I can write of that film before it just degenerates into something along the lines of “BUCKY BARNES THOUGH! BUCKY BARNES! SEBASTIAN STAN AS BUCKY BARNES! ALSO STEVE ROGERS IS SO MUCH!” followed by some whimpering about the awesomeness of Natasha and Sam. I’m just not in a logical place with that movie yet.

At any rate, this past Thursday was my last day of work at CTSA, and my attention will now turn completely to getting myself moved from San Antonio to College Station. When my parents visited back in May, we found a cute little two-bedroom condo to buy, and we close on that on the 15th of this month. Between that day and the 24th, my sister and I will move most of my stuff ourselves, plus do some painting. Then on the 24th I have movers coming to take the furniture and my truly ridiculous number of books to the condo for me.

After that, I’ll have just about a month to settle in before orientation with my grad program and then classes starting up. Hopefully I’ll get to hang out with people from my cohort some in that time as well; I’m pretty sure at least a few of them are already in the area and that more of them will be coming in throughout the month of August. We’ve already got a Facebook group for our cohort so we’re sort of getting to know each other a little bit that way, but it would be nice to hang out in person some before the craziness of classes and teaching and stuff starts up.

I’ve mentioned at least once here that I was thinking about starting up a vlog; I filmed my first one yesterday and now I just need to edit and post it. I haven’t really decided on any particular posting schedule at this point. I just want to get the first one out and then do a second one within a relatively short period of time (like hopefully a week or less). We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully it gets a good reception, or at least not a bad one.

And I swear, I am going to use this blog more. If nothing else, once school starts I’ll have more to blog about. I think.

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